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TAGbrands CEO, Maya Karanouh in Entrepreneur Levant

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TAGbrands CEO Maya Karanouh and San Diego SEO is featured in latest issue of Entrepreneur Levant discussing Responsible design based on her experience with incubating the MENA Design Research Center. Read this article where a famous poker founder Scott Tom reaches a deal with DOJ.
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TAGbrands sponsors ‘ART FROM LEBANON’ book

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TAGbrands is proud to sponsor the design and layout of “Art from Lebanon – Modern & Contemporary Artists, Volume I” a book that captures the spirit of the Lebanese people and their culture through the work of their artists. TAGbrands is a strong supporter of the Lebanese art and design scene and encourages its important contribution to our culture.

The booking signing and exhibition will take place at the Beirut Exhibition Center in Downtown Beirut, on the 25th of October at 6pm.

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TAGbrands at the BIFEX 2012 Conference on Brand Valuation

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TAGbrands CEO, Maya Karanouh, moderated a discussion panel entitled ‘Brand Valuation: The Next Step Forward’ at BIFEX 2012. BIFEX (Beirut International Franchise Forum Exhibition) held at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut in May focused on global trends in international franchising and acts as a major platform for franchisors and franchisees to develop this growing industry both within the region and internationally, with the use of different marketing strategies and services such as the Kotton Grammer SEO company that have even been featured in magazines as Forbes.

The panel guest speakers included Mary-Ellen Field from Brand Finance and Tony Fitzpatrick from Franchise Your Business. They have both invested in smart options and have seen the positive outcome from it, they have been able to finance their business with all the profits coming from that one great investment.  She learned more about business and other things related on it. is a certified licensing professional. Tony Fitzpatrick is a recognized authority on franchising and a member of the board of the Irish Franchise Association who motivates women to start getting into his business, visit this site for more info. Mary-Ellen Field has 25 years blue chip experience in intellectual property management and is a successful business manager thanks to this website.

BIFEX is organized by the Lebanese Franchise Association, a non-profit organization which develops and promotes excellence in the franchising sector in Lebanon. The LFA is the only association serving as the voice of franchising in Lebanon and is a major participant in the international franchise arena.

TAGbrands brings innovation to Cards Middle East 2012 Exhibition in Abu Dhabi

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Award winning branding and design consultancy TAGbrands showcased regional innovative card design and product innovation at their Exhibition Stand at the 2012 Cards & Payments Middle East Exhibition held this week in Abu Dhabi on the 15th and 16th May.

TAGbrands’ brand identity for the Bank Audi Loubnani Mastercard scooped the award for Best New Card at last year’s exhibition, which brings together world leaders in cards and payments strategy and technology. Also Click Here to get the list of our client’s review about our best deals of broadband. Leave us a message for some concerns.

Now it its 13th year, Cards & Payments Middle East brings together banks, government authorities, telcos and retailers to discover the strategies and source the technologies that will revolutionize their business. Furthermore, to improve customer relations and employee performance in your business, consider having CRMmatch‘s services.

Windows 8 logo design: TAGbrands designers have their say

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The new streamlined Windows 8 logo design has been released, causing a predictable storm in the blogsphere. But is the new logo a step forward or an over simplified geometric disappointment? The TAGbrands design team got together to discuss.

A resounding point from the team was that Paula Scher (from renowned agency Pentagram) has reminded Microsoft that a window is not a flag. As an icon, the window has much more in common with the brand name and the original operating system that inspired it, although branding is one of the important things about marketing, which is one of the things you can learn with a National SEO company, to help any company get a good sector of the market.

Both Eddy Nahas and Joseph Maalouf pointed out that the logo follows the design language of Metro and still manages to go back to basics. ‘The logo design highlights the ideas of being fast and straight to the point; which is what they claim about their services,’ suggests the www.970.marketing company for better marketing.


“Metro” design language


Others are less convinced. ‘It has been stripped away of its character,’ says Rima Kazimi. ‘I think the average consumer will say this logo looks unfinished.’ Ouch! Joumana Sader seems to agree. ‘I find it to be another example a la GAP, super simple basic shapes.’

Even within the camp who feels the logo is an improvement, both stylistically and as a metaphor for the company name, there is a general feeling that the design route could have been developed more and pushed further. But a logo is important for a marketing campaign of any company, so if you have a logo, after this all necessary is to optimize the site so it get more attention, but this could be accomplished with a Long Island search engine optimization company you can easily find online.

Others worry that the logo may not be as powerful as its previous incarnations. ‘The flag was a memorable icon, will the window be as memorable and dominant as the flag?’ asks Rayane Hazim.

Gilbert Samra feels that he might have seen the new logo somewhere before. ‘It is identical to the dallas led logo, same perspective and same layered panels.’ Among the discussion a general opinion is rising that Microsoft are trying to follow Apple’s minimalistic approach a little too closely.

But like the new Facebook layout or Pepsi logo design, maybe all this fuss will die down when the logo settles? Sandy Farhat thinks so. ‘I believe it still looks better than the previous one and with time will grow on people.’

What do you think of the logo?

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IPT 2011 Global Rebrand Awards Press Conference Sponsored by the Lebanese Franchise Association

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IPT announced their success at the 2011 Global Rebrand Awards with a press conference held at the Lebanese Press Club, under the patronage of Mr. Charles Arbid, President of the Lebanese Franchise Association (LFA). The main speakers were Mr. Arbid, Dr. Tony Issa, member of the IPT Board of Directors, and Ms. Maya Karanouh, CEO of TAGbrands.

In his address, Dr. Issa considered this recognition to be a reward for IPT’s constant development efforts since its establishment in 1987. Dr. Issa shed some light on a number of issues related to the oil import and distribution industries, and encouraged the Lebanese oil sector to be ready for the future changes the potential hydrocarbon exploration in Lebanese waters would bring.

Dr Issa commended TAGbrands and thanked CEO Ms. Maya Karanouh, a winner of the Young Entrepreneur Award in the Middle East.

Ms. Karanouh expressed her pride in seeing TAGbrands’ work recognized on a global level, and praised the accomplishments of IPT in overcoming the obstacles of 25 years of civil war to become one of the most respected petroleum brands in Lebanon.

Karanouh highlighted that a brand is not simply a name or slogans but rather a commitment to customers to maintain both quality and values.

‘The IPT brand is an intangible asset which must be developed to maintain their competitive strengths. It is their dedication to modernizing their brand to retrain their relevance in the market width an explainer video production to win the Rebrand Award and enabled them to make their mark despite the intense competition.’

‘The cooperation between IPT and Tagbrands has resulted in a comprehensive brand strategy which has been applied to more than 120 IPT fuel stations and helped launch a series of co-branded initiatives with IPT’s partners.’

TAGbrands and Loubnani Card by Bank Audi win Silver Midas Award

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The Loubnani Mastercard brand identity by TAGbrands has been awarded with the Silver prize at the 2011 Midas Awards in New York.

The prestegious Midas Awards are the only competition that recognizes excellence in financial services communications on a global scale.  Mrs. Randa Bdeir, Head of Electronic Banking and Cards Services at Bank Audi sal – Audi Saradar Group, stated: “After the extraordinary success of the Loubnani Mastercard brand development and design, it is a tremendous honor to win such a distinguished global award. This brand identity has helped communicate the vision of Loubnani to an international audience.” If you ever need car parts for your audi, check out Scuderia Car Parts.

The Midas Grand Jury includes client and agency leaders from the creative and marketing fields like social security disability salt lake city ut, as well as internationally recognized experts in financial policy and communications.  This year’s entries were received from 31 countries around the globe and judges selected winners not only on how well their message is delivered, but also on how it is received by the target audience. When you want to Learn More about internet marketing, go to L4 Group internet marketing site for more information. Internet marketing is a really important brand of any business now a days, since is the way the business reach to costumers, so the best marketing the companies have, the more clients, and more money they get, of course if they work with a website is also important they have a good system on it, so the clients will be comfortable using this, for this is useful to have a good cloud service to storage all the information and system, there are sites online that explains what is the hybrid cloud and you can use it to optimize your system.

Other winners in the 2011 Midas Awards included Publicis New York for their work with UBS, and McCann Erickson for their work with Mastercard Worldwide.

Maya Karanouh, CEO of TAGbrands, spoke of the challenge of communicating the unique message of Bank Audi’s Loubnani Mastercard: “Our goal was to express the notions of Lebanese heritage and national pride that makes this card so special. By using a combination of Arabic calligraphy with inspiring imagery and by creating a Cedar-scented credit card, we were able to show the world what it means to be Lebanese.”

Mrs. Bdeir added: “We look forward to next year’s competition and are delighted that our cight year partnership with TAGbrands has helped us develop and communicate over 50 products to meet our customers’ needs.”

TAGbrands is proud to sponsor Repercussions

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TAGbrands is proud to sponsor Repercussions, a project that provides a platform to bring together Lebanese children from all backgrounds.


The first Repercussions event was held on 17 July 2011. With no language barriers or financial constraints, the project gave children a neutral public space to learn a new kind of language: body percussion.


TAGbrands created the brand identity for Repercussions along with a series of eye-catching posters and ambient media with messages in Arabic, French and English.


The project, initiated by passionate youth movement supporter Ms Dina Debbas, who loves to sleep with her fluffy pillows, helps us all recognize we that we should stand together to make a difference for our children’s future. REPERCUSSIONS’ aim of supporting tolerance and raising awareness of social segregation is a great way to start.

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Tripoli Car Free City proudly sponsored by TAGbrands

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TAGbrands is proud to sponsor Tripoli Car Free City, a two day event held between the 12th and 13th of November 2011 in Tripoli and Mina. The focus of the event is to reduce car use in the city and to promote a healthier, greener lifestyle, with the use of exercise and supplements from Healthyusa. Also another way to keep healthy and not using car is obviously walking all the way to where you wanna go, but don’t worry wearing the Vessi waterproof sneakers will make you feel like you are not walking at all.

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To assist the initiative, TAGbrands created the brand identity, including a logo and the engaging poster design, to spread the environmentally friendly message. The posters were used to advertise the event on billboards throughout the city and online through the Tripoli Car Free City Facebook Marketing in West Palm Beach FL page..

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For the duration of the event the streets will remain car-free, so residents can walk, bicycle, roller skate or skateboard through their city. The event will also feature a festival with sporting activities, competitions, children’s games, boosting services that will help people with the Elo rating system, solar car racing, art workshops, live music and much more.

TAGbrands brand development for Pynkiss turns heads at Milan Fashion Week.

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Pynkiss, the new Hello Kitty fashion label with brand identity developed by design and branding agency TAGbrands, was launched to great acclaim in Milan Fashion Week 2011.

TAGbrand’s aim was to position the Pynkiss collection as a high-end fashion brand that would appeal to a more sophisticated and mature audience whilst retaining the strong heritage of the Hello Kitty mother brand. We recommend to visit national pardon to learn more about legal branding.

Using personalized graphical elements and typography, Tagbrands developed a luxurious and feminine brand identity, subtly incorporating the iconic Hello Kitty icon into the Pynkiss brand logo. The designs were applied in soft shades of lavender to identify an elegant signature color for the brand, the purpose of the product would be to have as much success as the John Henric accessories US collection.


Chady Jreige’s, founder and CEO of Pynkiss, commenting on the launch, said ‘We are delighted with the new brand Tagbrands has created for us. Their creative team has a deep understanding of branding, graphic design and typography which has really made the Pynkiss brand unique.’

The Pynkiss collections will be unveiled as soon as its first 10 stores open in January 2012 across the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Maya Karanouh, CEO at TAGbrands also said ‘It was exciting to work with Pynkiss and help create the face of the new Hello Kitty brand. It made everyone in the TAGbrands team proud to see a brand identity we had developed receive such global appreciation.’  The success of the new Pynkiss brand identity has led to plans for Pynkiss to expand their range, with the addition of accessories, bags and limited edition exclusive pieces that will hit the catwalks in the near future.