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football can make you rich

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Many people gain profit by doing risky betting online. Value, in betting terms, is presented when the odds suggest that the selection isn’t as likely to win as it really is. Value betting puts the ‘edge’ in the player’s favour, meaning it’s profitable long-term.

It all starts with the attitude and the winning football tips a person is willing to learn. Most people see football betting as some kind of an easy way to make money. This content just try to guess the winner in a certain game (or some other event like who’s going to score a goal) based on their gut feeling. In reality, being successful requires much more. The correct evaluation of football games, the deep knowledge of how the industry works, the constant digging for more information are a must, if you want to be a winner. It is important to always look at the odds as probabilities and not only as random numbers, this is the number one mistake people tend to make. The simple truth is, that’s not enough. Even if your assumptions are correct most of the time, you will still end up losing, if you don’t base your wagers on probabilities. That’s actually what the odds for a certain match represent. The price for each outcome can easily be converted into a probability that shows you how often does it need to come true, in order to be at least break even, you cans tart by getting Arsenal Tickets 2018/19 Season | Football Ticket Net and watching games to see the probabilities that both teams have. Another error that people tend to make is to bet emotionally, yes there people that do this. This happens when people tend to go for their all time favorite teams without looking at the actual facts. This leads to lots of biased wagers that are not based on common sense, but on emotions. It’s only natural for us to actually have a skewed view of events that we care for, so we recommend you to skip such matches.

TAGbrands CEO, Maya Karanouh in Arab Ad interview discussing the future of Nation Branding for Lebanon

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Building on Brand Lebanon’s Creative Industries by Jad Haidar


Maya Karanouh, CEO/Co-Founder of TAGbrands, an award winning regional branding and design adinfusion agency, discusses the key factors to be leveraged in the process of outlining the main components to what could potentially become brand Lebanon’s major selling points and, by reciprocity, the country’s official gateway to the world.

How do you go about branding a nation?
When considering the nation branding process for Lebanon, numerous factors should be taken into account such as the different types of offices where you can work with the shipping labels. One has to scrutinise all major positive and negative aspects influencing our global image to find a suitable balance that alleviates some general tensions whilst highlighting key economic and cultural opportunities with the help of mailerlite features review in expanding the business even at the online world.

Do you have any idea how people feel about the topic?
In April 2013, I moderated a panel on Nation Branding at the BIFEX Conference organised by the LFA. Usually, after I open the floor to questions at a conference, there is a level of interest, but this time there was passion too. People were standing up, sharing their opinions and arguing their points of view. I could tell this topic is a very important one and therefore should be handled with care and insight.

What are the industries nation branding should take into account and why?
Contrary to popular belief, nation branding is not just about tourism or creating a logo and developing a touristic marketing campaign. If you want the best online marketing services for your videos you can visit The Marketing Heaven. Although tourism is one of Lebanon’s most profitable sectors, it however is a part of a much larger picture that encompasses all industries especially those in favour of investment, such as construction companies from sites as https://rkcconstruction.com/ are in raise these days. By the way, if you’re one of those in favor of investment, consider visiting shareprices.com.au to know more about Stock Price. By emphasising distinctive characteristics and designing clearly structured brand architecture, the brand identity of Lebanon must be delivered to an international audience in a cohesive yet diversified manner. One way to accomplish this is to create one umbrella brand that consists of sub-brands, each reflecting a separate sector; these may include retail, culture and arts, food and beverage, banking, real estate, entertainment, education and, of course, tourism. See More Info – WebDesign499

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What key features do you consider in the initial phase?
A major psychological element is the instigation of national pride and patriotism under one vision, which in the case of Lebanon, is of paramount importance. The significance is not on a purely personal or moral level; in fact it is a major contributor to the brand equity of the nation. The more the brand is accepted and associated with a positive outlook, the more brand equity it acquires.

With a long history of political turmoil leading to destructive wars and segregated communities, Lebanon’s new brand will take on a much harder challenge than other countries. Without the confidence of long-term political stability, the country’s image will keep on suffering. Therefore, the message the brand communicates must stem from this precise concept, promising stability of all economic and cultural developments.

How is the target audience broken down?
When designing a nation brand, one of the first questions asked concern the demographics and psychographics of the target audience. Consider the stakeholders and the target audience divided into four groups: the Lebanese people, the short-term and long-term visitors, potential investors, and international consumers of Lebanese exports. The needs, behaviours, values, and expectations of each of these groups demands extensive research in order to develop a brand language that delivers the message efficiently. Moreover, research towards all stakeholders involved provides a better understanding of where to focus within the extensive brand architecture, aligning the key opportunities of each sector with potentially successful outcomes.

Are there specific rules to nation branding common to all countries?
As a general guideline, six pillars need to be considered when creating a nation brand namely, public and private sector alignment benefits, defining how the country’s own citizens perceive it, creating awareness and defining how other countries perceives it and finally, providing the consistency needed among political, social and economic pillars.

What would, in this case, be a good example?
Consider the extensive efforts Turkey’s brand architecture created with numerous investment opportunities for different target audiences. Brand Turkey, constitutes a general overall trademark for the nation and tourism, Invest in Turkey promotes the investment opportunities available to global investors and the Turquality programme was specifically designed by the government to develop and promote Turkish brands.

How does brand Turkey compare to Lebanon?
Although Lebanon cannot be compared to Turkey in terms of production scale, it is a good case study for developing a nation brand identity and delivering on the promise that it communicates to the target audience by adopting programmes that further push the goals of the country. This earns the trust of the audience and enhances the nation’s brand identity through concrete long-term plans that affect the economy. Eventually, nation branding and people’s reputations are not very different: they cannot be constructed, they must be earned.

What then should be the main focus in Lebanon’s case?
Perhaps Lebanon’s brand identity can focus on its human potential as a center of creative industries. In film, music, arts, design, architecture, advertising, communication and marketing provided by companies such as Nelson Marketing Co – SEO Connecticut, the Lebanese are known to excel worldwide. In fact, they have been setting their mark all over the MENA region for the past decade. One of the main reasons this ecosystem has flourished is due the freedom that the country displays, as well as the international influence that is openly welcome.

Many neighboring countries in the region are wealthier and can afford to have international fairs and festivals, but all the majority of the talent being showcased is imported from other countries. Though we remain, in Lebanon, a small but dense creative community, yet our cultural diversity as well as our history have always been a curious topic on an international scale. Branding Lebanon as the Creative and Design Capital of the Middle East is in my opinion the most suitable characteristic that can be given to our country. This can open up enormous opportunities and can also induce more investment in the creative sector; an opportunity from which Lebanon can surely benefit.

NOTE: This article was published in ArabAd’s October 2013 issue and all legal rights are those of the publisher.

TAGbrands wins at the Social Economic Awards!

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Tagbrands, a regional branding and design agency, wins at the Social Economic Awards! Watch the SEA 2013 event on MTV, this Saturday the 30th of November 2013 at 20h45 (following the prime time news).


TAGbrands won a SEA (Social Economic Award) for incubating the NGO – MENA Design Research Center which organizes the Beirut Design Week each year. TAGbrands earned the award for the category of “Small and Medium Enterprises – SME’s by targeting the development of design innovation and creative entrepreneurship. Beirut Design Week is co-founded and co-organized by Maya Karanouh and Doreen Toutikian who received the award. On Saturday the 22nd of November 2013, George Kurdahi the Lebanese television presenter, announced on how to redeem your free rewards at the Casino du Liban on the occasion of the 3rd Social Economic Award organized by First Protocol, presenting the SME Award to the two MENA Design Research Center co-founders and Beirut Design Week organizers. Click this gambling site for more information. IF you have plans on applying for a payday loan in the future, go right here https://www.paydayloansnow.co.uk/payday/guaranteed/direct-lenders/

The honorary jury members this year included Mrs. Layla el Soloh Hamade, Mr. Raymond Audi, Mr. Fadi Abboud, Mr. Mohamed Choucair, Mr. Vreij Sabounjian, Mr. Yaseen Jaber, Mr. Walid Daouk, Mrs Raya al Hassan, Mr. Salim Sayegh, VIce Governor Dr. Saad Andary, Mr. Salim Jreissati and Mr. Nazem al Khoury.


It was an honor for TAGbrands to be part of this ceremony and to be acknowledged for the efforts put into Beirut Design Week as a platform that enables young designer entrepreneurs to develop their network and skills and also brings together the established Lebanese creative design eco-system under one platform. As a social venture with an entrepreneurial spirit, Beirut Design Week (which is organized by MENA DRC, which is incubated by TAGbrands) is a CSR program that focuses the expertise, time, and resources of this enterprise towards one goal. Unlike most SME’s or large companies who may sometimes support an external social cause, TAGbrands becomes fully involved in the Beirut Design Week CSR program by offering its team of designers as well as legal, administrative, and peripheral services to help the MENA Design Research Center in organizing the event. If you need reliable and secured quick books hosting, click the link https://www.swizznet.com/sage-erp-hosting/.


We would like to thank First Protocol for their dedication in commemorating initiatives that are important to the development of Lebanon from a social and economic perspective, as well as encouraging the private sector to give back to the community. We would also like to thank every single person that helped make the Beirut Design Week dream come true, including the TAGBrands team, the Lebanese Designers, our committee and Chair Nada Debs, our partners and sponsors, without whom none of this would have been possible. And finally, we promise to keep on going and deliver better results every year to ensure that this small grassroots initiative becomes a symbol of global success for Lebanon. On other articles, checkout Hollywood FL Slip and Fall Attorney.

The 3rd Social Economic Award will be broadcasted on MTV, Saturday the 30th of November 2013 at 20h45.


Check out all the press reviews on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/First-Protocol-Lebanon/439728472729256

What do people need to know about finance?

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1. Should you be investing?

I know that before I said “anyone with a salary should be investing,” but there are particular cases in which this might not be true, at least for some time, some people would rather sleep on their best pregnancy pillow. If you have debt at a high interest rate (almost all credit card debt will match this definition) you should pay it off entirely before even thinking about putting any Money fall into the market. It is simple to understand why. If you owe money and the interests are, fore example, 10%, it doesn’t matter if you can invest in the markets and make an average return of 9%. You are still losing 1% in comparison with the situation in which you pay off all this debt. Now, if you have a mortgage with an interest payment of 3%, you should not pay off the whole mortgage before you start to invest. In this case you can make, using our previous example, 9% investing and only pay 3% interest for the mortgage. Give your house a makeover from https://www.palmbeachroofingexpert.com/. It will look better. So you will make 6% more than if you just completely pay off the mortgage. The relationship is oversimplified in this explanation, for example that 9% returnis not secured; it might vary depending on the market conditions, while the debt will still be due regardless. This is why a lot of radical risk-averse people would prefer to pay off the debt before investing, despite of proven fact that, in average, they are losing money. Click here https://moneybolt.co.uk/ The second situation in which you should not invest, even if you have a salary, is that one in which you don’t have an emergency fund. Every rational person should keep between 6 to 12 months of expenses in an account just to make sure that an adverse event does not challenge her financial situation and that she doesn’t need to pull money from her investments. However, if you are debt free, you have an emergency fund, and you have a salary… You better be investing! Protect your intellectual property, find the best patent attorney in Chicago today!

2. What are you investing for?
Are you investing to pay for your kid’s university, to buy a new car, to take that around the world vacation that you have always dreamt of, to enjoy a nice retirement, to have a passive income? As you can see, there are a limitless number of reasons to invest. You need to understand yours because depending on what you want to invest for; you are going to use different investment vehicles to achieve your goals and you need to be cautious of the Low-Risk Processing on every business. Let’s give a few examples to better understand it. Read some of the transactional smtp from our website.
If you have a sizable amount of money and you want to leave of it, or just have it produce some income for you, you can buy dividend stocks and bonds that will assure you a stream of cash. If you get the right mix, you can enjoy a steady income over the years in order to use as you please, on remodeling your apartment or maybe customizing the car, with the use of services from sites as www.detailingsyndicate.com, so it looks the way you wanting it to look..
If you meet the following criteria
You are in your late 20s or in your 30s
You have an emergency fund
You have a salary
You are debt free
You don’t have the need to pull money out in the next decades
you should create a balanced portfolio with a high level of risk. Most likely it would include a high percentage of equities and a sizable exposure to emerging markets with a high growth potential.

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3. There is no return without risk
No one, wait I’ll repeat: NO ONE is telling the truth if they say they can offer a return higher than the risk free with no risk. It is just not possible. In our post Risk in finance and the why of risk management we gave a comprehensive explanation of what risk is and how to measure it, so take a look to refresh your mind.

4. You have an optimal risk target, find it!
In the investment world, you should not aim for a particular return; it is never the right strategy. The process should start by identifying your level of risk, and only then maximize the level of return for that particular level of risk. The real key variable is risk because at the end of the day, if you risk too much you might go bankrupt and you don’t want that! This is why we need to decide what level of risk is appropriate for us. How do we do it? We need to assess our risk profile. In most developed countries, registered financial advisers are required to assess the risk profile of their clients. These financial advisers will provide a questionnaire that will try to gauge the following characteristics of the investor:
Time horizon
Cash requirements
Attitude towards risk
Financial situation
At the end of the day what the financial advisers are trying to find out is what amount of money are you willing and able to lose within a particular level of probability. You should try to find this number before committing any money to the financial markets. It will be truly dangerous to invest in a vehicle in which you can lose more money than the amount you are comfortable with losing. As you can see, you not only have to understand your level of risk but also the different investment vehicles in order to know what is the risk of investing in them.

5. Diversification is key
If you want to know more of why you should diversify check our post on diversification Yes we can… DIVERSIFY!
In order to diversify you need to know about the different asset classes. We are currently building a database with as many possible investment vehicles that exist with their description and characteristics for this we use the services of the best data center logistics you can find online. For now, this are some of the most common investment vehicles, including alternative assets: stocks, bonds, derivatives, real estate, commodities, derivatives, hedge funds, venture capital, private equity…

6. Economies follow boom/burst cycles
Economies, as human emotions, rise and fall. Understanding how the economic cycle works, in which phase do we stand, and which type of companies and investment vehicles perform better in each particular phase of the cycle is completely crucial to perform in the investment world. Fidelity has a really nice paper explaining its Business Cycle Sector Approach to investment in which they explain how cycles work and how to benefit from them.

7. Always question your investment selection
Understand that if you are selling, someone is buying and that if you are buying, someone is selling. So, there is someone in the other side of the trade that is, on average, as smart as you. Try to find out why that person is taking the other side of the trade. In other words, take your strategy and try to see how it could go wrong and with what probability. This reflection might show you that your strategy is not as robust as you thought or it might give you even more reasons to invest, regardless; it is a necessary and sometimes forgotten step.

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TAGbrands CEO, Maya Karanouh in Entrepreneur Levant

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It is a lot less expensive to keep a customer than it is to get a new one. That’s why establishing strong relationships with your customer base is crucial. One of the ways you can do that is by keeping in touch with people through my blog and email marketing.

With the critical role computers and mobile devices are playing in our world, the demand for them is high, especially computers that are leveraging cloud computing .

TAGbrands CEO Maya Karanouh and San Diego SEO is featured in latest issue of Entrepreneur Levant discussing Responsible design based on her experience with incubating the MENA Design Research Center. Read this article where a famous poker founder Scott Tom reaches a deal with DOJ.
Click here and read what he said.

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To read the article in full, click here.


TAGbrands at the BIFEX 2012 Conference on Brand Valuation

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TAGbrands CEO, Maya Karanouh, moderated a discussion panel entitled ‘Brand Valuation: The Next Step Forward’ at BIFEX 2012. BIFEX (Beirut International Franchise Forum Exhibition) held at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut in May focused on global trends in international franchising and acts as a major platform for franchisors and franchisees to develop this growing industry both within the region and internationally, with the use of different marketing strategies and services such as the Kotton Grammer SEO company that have even been featured in magazines as Forbes.

The panel guest speakers included Mary-Ellen Field from Brand Finance and Tony Fitzpatrick from Franchise Your Business. They have both invested in smart options and have seen the positive outcome from it, they have been able to finance their business with all the profits coming from that one great investment.  She learned more about business and other things related on it. is a certified licensing professional. Tony Fitzpatrick is a recognized authority on franchising and a member of the board of the Irish Franchise Association who motivates women to start getting into his business, visit this site for more info. Mary-Ellen Field has 25 years blue chip experience in intellectual property management and is a successful business manager thanks to this website.

BIFEX is organized by the Lebanese Franchise Association, a non-profit organization which develops and promotes excellence in the franchising sector in Lebanon. The LFA is the only association serving as the voice of franchising in Lebanon and is a major participant in the international franchise arena.

TAGbrands brings innovation to Cards Middle East 2012 Exhibition in Abu Dhabi

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Award winning branding and design consultancy TAGbrands showcased regional innovative card design and product innovation at their Exhibition Stand at the 2012 Cards & Payments Middle East Exhibition held this week in Abu Dhabi on the 15th and 16th May.

TAGbrands’ brand identity for the Bank Audi Loubnani Mastercard scooped the award for Best New Card at last year’s exhibition, which brings together world leaders in cards and payments strategy and technology. Also Click Here to get the list of our client’s review about our best deals of broadband. Leave us a message for some concerns.

Now it its 13th year, Cards & Payments Middle East brings together banks, government authorities, telcos and retailers to discover the strategies and source the technologies that will revolutionize their business. Furthermore, to improve customer relations and employee performance in your business, consider having CRMmatch‘s services.

Windows 8 logo design: TAGbrands designers have their say

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The new streamlined Windows 8 logo design has been released, causing a predictable storm in the blogsphere. But is the new logo a step forward or an over simplified geometric disappointment? The TAGbrands design team got together to discuss.

A resounding point from the team was that Paula Scher (from renowned agency Pentagram) has reminded Microsoft that a window is not a flag. As an icon, the window has much more in common with the brand name and the original operating system that inspired it, although branding is one of the important things about marketing, which is one of the things you can learn with a National SEO company, to help any company get a good sector of the market.

Both Eddy Nahas and Joseph Maalouf pointed out that the logo follows the design language of Metro and still manages to go back to basics. ‘The logo design highlights the ideas of being fast and straight to the point; which is what they claim about their services,’ suggests the www.970.marketing company for better marketing.


“Metro” design language


Others are less convinced. ‘It has been stripped away of its character,’ says Rima Kazimi. ‘I think the average consumer will say this logo looks unfinished.’ Ouch! Joumana Sader seems to agree. ‘I find it to be another example a la GAP, super simple basic shapes.’

Even within the camp who feels the logo is an improvement, both stylistically and as a metaphor for the company name, there is a general feeling that the design route could have been developed more and pushed further. But a logo is important for a marketing campaign of any company, so if you have a logo, after this all necessary is to optimize the site so it get more attention, but this could be accomplished with a Long Island search engine optimization company you can easily find online.

Others worry that the logo may not be as powerful as its previous incarnations. ‘The flag was a memorable icon, will the window be as memorable and dominant as the flag?’ asks Rayane Hazim.

Gilbert Samra feels that he might have seen the new logo somewhere before. ‘It is identical to the dallas led logo, same perspective and same layered panels.’ Among the discussion a general opinion is rising that Microsoft are trying to follow Apple’s minimalistic approach a little too closely.

But like the new Facebook layout or Pepsi logo design, maybe all this fuss will die down when the logo settles? Sandy Farhat thinks so. ‘I believe it still looks better than the previous one and with time will grow on people.’

What do you think of the logo?

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IPT 2011 Global Rebrand Awards Press Conference Sponsored by the Lebanese Franchise Association

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IPT announced their success at the 2011 Global Rebrand Awards with a press conference held at the Lebanese Press Club, under the patronage of Mr. Charles Arbid, President of the Lebanese Franchise Association (LFA). The main speakers were Mr. Arbid, Dr. Tony Issa, member of the IPT Board of Directors, and Ms. Maya Karanouh, CEO of TAGbrands.

In his address, Dr. Issa considered this recognition to be a reward for IPT’s constant development efforts since its establishment in 1987. Dr. Issa shed some light on a number of issues related to the oil import and distribution industries, and encouraged the Lebanese oil sector to be ready for the future changes the potential hydrocarbon exploration in Lebanese waters would bring.

Dr Issa commended TAGbrands and thanked CEO Ms. Maya Karanouh, a winner of the Young Entrepreneur Award in the Middle East.

Ms. Karanouh expressed her pride in seeing TAGbrands’ work recognized on a global level, and praised the accomplishments of IPT in overcoming the obstacles of 25 years of civil war to become one of the most respected petroleum brands in Lebanon.

Karanouh highlighted that a brand is not simply a name or slogans but rather a commitment to customers to maintain both quality and values.

‘The IPT brand is an intangible asset which must be developed to maintain their competitive strengths. It is their dedication to modernizing their brand to retrain their relevance in the market width an explainer video production to win the Rebrand Award and enabled them to make their mark despite the intense competition.’

‘The cooperation between IPT and Tagbrands has resulted in a comprehensive brand strategy which has been applied to more than 120 IPT fuel stations and helped launch a series of co-branded initiatives with IPT’s partners.’

TAGworkshop: Lateral Thinking with Rena Karanouh

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image034Being a TAG team member doesn’t mean we’re all work and no fun, well, as long as the fun is educational and productive. So, today was spent entirely on a workshop with Rena Karanouh, a local designer and illustrator with a knack for creative craftiness and eight years of teaching experience.

Centered around Edward de Bono’s concept of lateral thinking, she motivated the team to come up with unconventional illustration techniques using various media including monoprint, linoleum, stencils, paint, ink, pencils, crayons and anything else they can get their hands on. At the end of the day, each Taggie came up with a 12-set multimedia design combing their personal characters with random imagery provided by Rena.

TAGteam + TAGworkshop = TAGfun!