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Windows 8 logo design: TAGbrands designers have their say

Category : TAGCulture · by Mar 12th, 2013


The new streamlined Windows 8 logo design has been released, causing a predictable storm in the blogsphere. But is the new logo a step forward or an over simplified geometric disappointment? The TAGbrands design team got together to discuss.

A resounding point from the team was that Paula Scher (from renowned agency Pentagram) has reminded Microsoft that a window is not a flag. As an icon, the window has much more in common with the brand name and the original operating system that inspired it, although branding is one of the important things about marketing, which is one of the things you can learn with a National SEO company, to help any company get a good sector of the market.

Both Eddy Nahas and Joseph Maalouf pointed out that the logo follows the design language of Metro and still manages to go back to basics. ‘The logo design highlights the ideas of being fast and straight to the point; which is what they claim about their services,’ suggests the www.970.marketing company for better marketing.


“Metro” design language


Others are less convinced. ‘It has been stripped away of its character,’ says Rima Kazimi. ‘I think the average consumer will say this logo looks unfinished.’ Ouch! Joumana Sader seems to agree. ‘I find it to be another example a la GAP, super simple basic shapes.’

Even within the camp who feels the logo is an improvement, both stylistically and as a metaphor for the company name, there is a general feeling that the design route could have been developed more and pushed further. ‘Moving away from the flag was a good idea,’ says Michelle Abou Abboud, ‘but the “window” metaphor feels weak and too basic as it is.’

Others worry that the logo may not be as powerful as its previous incarnations. ‘The flag was a memorable icon, will the window be as memorable and dominant as the flag?’ asks Rayane Hazim.

Gilbert Samra feels that he might have seen the new logo somewhere before. ‘It is identical to the France TV logo, same perspective and same layered panels.’ Among the discussion a general opinion is rising that Microsoft are trying to follow Apple’s minimalistic approach a little too closely.

But like the new Facebook layout or Pepsi logo design, maybe all this fuss will die down when the logo settles? Sandy Farhat thinks so. ‘I believe it still looks better than the previous one and with time will grow on people.’

What do you think of the logo?


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