At TAGbrands we believe that dedicating time for the personal and professional growth of the team members is a Return on Investment for the development and prosperity of the company. By encouraging our Taggies to experiment with their design talent on various independent projects, we give back to the team by enriching our work culture with ideas that are not necessarily of a commercial nature. This concept gave birth to what is now known as TAGexperiment.

The idea for the TAG Experiment is based on the success of Google’s ‘20 Percent project’. Google engineers are encouraged to take 20 percent of their time to work on something company-related that interests them personally. The results of this bottom-up creative process have led to many successful innovations including Gmail and Google News.

We too know that good ideas spread fast.

As a way of driving innovations that could change the way we work, each month members of the TAGbrands team spend time concentrating on open projects of their choice, unbound by client specifications. The results are entered into global design competitions, projects and exhibitions to show the world what we can do.

By keeping our minds fresh and throwing ourselves into the ring, we can ensure that our team is ready to take on whatever the future may hold.