INDIGO is an open platform that connects designers worldwide in an effort to explore our understanding of indigenous design.

Indigo’s Mother Tongue project is an open, multidisciplinary online exhibition. Participants were asked to submit a design- be it a poster, a photograph, a poem, a product or a piece of architecture–that interprets the spirit of Mother Tongue. This collaborative project aimed to deepen our understanding of world culture in the 21st century.

Senior TAGbrands Designer, Mirna Hamady took on the Mother Tongue challenge. The result was a unique and beautiful poster under the name
‘I want to revive my Mother Tongue’.

In her design, Mirna used Arabic handmade calligraphy to create an image of an old man blowing on a dandelion flower. As the flower itself is also constructed of Arabic letters, by scattering the seeds into the wind the man is also dispersing the essence of the language, allowing it to spread around the world, take root and grow in new lands.

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