Members of the TAGbrands team took on the task of creating the official logo for the UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts – UNESCO’s flagship program for supporting craft producers.

The logo design had to embody the principles of Tradition, Innovation and Sustainability and the winning entry would be used by UNESCO on the program's stationery, brochures, collateral materials, signage and on the web.

TAGbrands Design Director, Joumana Sader created two innovative designs for UNESCO’s subsidiary organization.

Her first concept for the design was Wheels of Change, based on the idea that circles are perceived as symbols of unity and continuity. By presenting each craft in adjacently connecting circles, the icon in her logo symbolizes the artisans’ never-ending dialogue between past heritage and present technology. The logo and lettering was also completely hand drawn to further emphasize the crafty aspect of the program.

Joumana’s second design was Around the World in 80 Patterns. This design took on the concept that crafts from all over the world are colorful, vibrant and rich in meaning. By depicting a hot air balloon with various crafts represented inside it, this logo celebrates the diversity and creativity of artisans globally. It also hints at the role of the UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts Program in helping craft producers showcase and market their work, and thus ensuring the continuity of their craft.

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